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For efficient international business operations in Asia and in Europe, HAS Partners Inc. will advise clients to improve cash flows on a global basis.

International business consulting services
We provide business consulting services to companies with international business operations in Asia and in Europe. Our aim is to become a business partner of our clients, who will develop and maintain international business operations on a sustainable basis. To achieve this goal, we will help our clients understand different business environments in different regions and /or countries, which is vital in conducting foreign business successfully. We will closely work with our clients in all phases of the “Plan, Do, Check and Act” cycle of international business in view of financial and management accounting in areas such as financial and risk analysis, budgeting, group company administration review, restructuring or turn-around, etc.

Indirect tax recovery services
Proper and timely indirect tax recovery is one of key cash flow planning opportunities available for internationally operating companies, if indirect tax recovery is possible. We aid our clients to recover indirect tax claims and refunds in Asia and in Europe.

In Asia
Thanks to our alliances, we can support our clients in recovering indirect taxes in Asia, in particular, in Korea and in Japan. For instance, it is important to consider opportunities to improve cash flows for foreign companies doing business in Japan in connection with the Japanese consumption tax.

In Europe
Through our European network, we can also support our clients in recovering European VAT. We will help Japanese entrepreneurs (and other Asian entrepreneurs, if such European VAT recovery is available for them) get VAT refunds by making best use of our network throughout EU.

Business consulting in selected countries (to come)